Policies and Procedures

Simple and Easy

I have very few rules in the studio. Love is the answer to any problem. Simple and Easy. We are all part of the same world yet each of us experiences it from our own perspective. Everything we experience is filtered through our senses to our brain and so it can seem personal. We can decide to look at things from the other’s point of view. We can make the choice to be patient and compassionate. If we have patience and love for the world we will have patience and love for ourselves. Let’s choose to make everything in here positive and loving.


Music is a language and takes time to learn. If you become a student then we may be working together for a long time. Students stay with me for many years and usually pay monthly. I will work with you to find a payment method that fits best for you. I accept cash, check, Paypal, and Venmo. The pricing is simple.

$25.00 = one 30 minute lesson

Teacher Absence

I have concerts, take lessons of my own, and have family stuff which sometimes causes me to miss my office hours.You will never pay for any lessons that I miss. If I miss a lesson you have paid for, you will get make-up lesson.

Student Cancellation

If you are going to miss please let me know as soon as possible so I can give your spot as a make-up for another student. Things happen last minute that we can’t control. I’ve given you a reservation and I hope you appreciate that commitment. Payment for missed lessons is not required but greatly appreciated.

Contacting Me is Easy

Studio: (636)-362-6413 

Cell:  (504)-296-4315 

Email: LeenhornStudios@gmail.com