We are the storytellers of sound.

Learning to tell the musical stories in our imagination through our instruments and voices

The studio’s legacy.

I am so happy to have met these great people who come to me to learn about music. They’ve left with confidence in themselves and the knowledge that they can do anything and be anything they choose. I hope they remember the little people, like me, that helped along the way and come back to say hi.

Young boy playing the piano


Alex started with piano, then sax, now guitar.

Young girl with baritone


Autumn sings and plays the baritone.

Young girl sitting at piano


Ayla is an ace in gymnastics and on the piano.

Young student playing the piano


Harsha brings his math skills to the piano.

Teen female student at piano


Irem studies piano and sings in shows.

Jeff Leenhorn and student with saxophone


Jackson is a wiz on sax and may try the oboe.

Young student with Trombone


Jackson started on trombone and plays tuba also.

Young female singing student


Jasmine is a singer and a bright light.

Teenage boy singing student


John didn’t think he could sing, now he sings in Italian.

Young girl singer with microphone


Laney is a superstar with a stage name, La Ney.

Young female student singer


Maille is the youngest singer to make Jazz U, and she is a horn player too.

Young male music student


Michael plays horn, trumpet, and piano and is a new member of the St. Louis Youth Orchestra.

Older male student with trombone


Ron had never played trombone and started at 71, now he’s playing better than ever at 74.

Young male piano player


Sam has an amazing voice and uses it well with the piano.

Young female piano player


Sarah brings determination to the studio each week.

Young male french horn player


Shaym has tried trumpet and horn and stuck with horn.

Young female piano student reading music book


Tanvi is an advanced pianist and a bright spirit.

Young female student playing french horn


Whitney has a great sense of music.

Young male student playing bass guitar


Worth always looking for a challenge can play trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, and piano.

Young female student playing piano


Piper plays piano and sings. Wow, what a voice!

Young male student playing baritone


Jonathon brings a desire to play like no other.

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