One-on-one music lessons for kids & adults.

Learn how easy it can be to play, read, and create great music!

Music is a language like no other.

Everyone enjoys it, and it’s free if you can make it yourself.

I offer private lessons catered to your goals and the way you learn. My studio is located in Ellisville, MO and I work with students all over the St. Louis area and beyond.  From the beginner who’s never tried to play before to the musician who wants to reach the next level professionally. My goal with students is to unlock the inner musician. I have experience helping all ages, and all levels.

Jeff Leenhorn music teacher

“Music is powerful, so let’s learn how it works together!”

– Jeff Leenhouts, Instructor

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There are a lot of options when it comes to learning how to play great music.
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Ask me and I might...

I teach a variety of other instruments. Contact me to find out more.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I’ve been a student of Jeff’s for almost 5 years. In this time I have learned multiple instruments including trumpet, French horn, and piano. Also in this time, I have been a part of the Metro 8 Jazz Ensemble twice, and a new member of the St. Louis Youth Orchestra trumpet section for 2021.”

Michael Lagade

High School Senior in 2022

“Jeff is absolutely the best!! Not only does he possess a vast amount of music knowledge, but also a way to communicate those skills to all ages in a very organic form.. Your brain learns so much through his techniques, & a majority of the time you’re completely unaware of just how fast your musical mind is growing! Totally recommend Leenhorn Studios for any age of musicians!”

Chad Hoffmann

Parent of Laney, a singer

“Jeff’s a great teacher. My 13 yo has been coming to him for 2 years and enjoys his lessons. Jeff is definitely helping him be a better player but more importantly helping him love the music. I like that Jeff meets the student where they are in the learning process and adapts the teaching curriculum to complement the student’s interests.”

Melissa Schermer

Parent of Jackson, trombone who switched to tuba

How can I help ?

If you have questions about taking music lessons with me, please reach out. I am happy to help!

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