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Jeff Leenhorn with musicians in orchestra

Unlock your inner musician

My goal with students is to unlock the inner musician. This method leads to playing multiple instruments as naturally as singing as we train the subconscious singer. This is the natural musician in our bodies that taps its foot at the sound of a snappy beat or hears a song that isn’t currently playing but is in the mind. Our inner musician can not only remember a song easily but sometimes can never forget it. My students make honor bands and choirs, and my singers often get lead roles in musicals.

Four students at Leenhorn Studios with instruments

Becoming an instrumentalist

My goal with myself as a teacher is to always be a student. I’m always training my inner musician, learning together with the student in front of me. Strengthening and expanding my aural imagination, my mental focus, and understanding my playing better by seeing what is happening in others while they play. I’m 100% engaged during a lesson and this is what makes the whole thing work so well. Music is powerful! Let’s learn how it works together!!!

Young Jeff Leenhorn holding french horn

Leenhorn’s History

My grandmother, Ida Fox, taught piano to the kids in her farming town in upstate New York.  I remember her always playing and singing with us as kids. She taught my Dad, who taught me, and I taught my daughter, Jubilee.  Music was always second nature to me and a language I was familiar with at a young age.  I’ve been so thankful to have music in my life, and the older I get the more that rings true…

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