Music is for everyone.

At Leenhorn Studios we train storytellers of sound by helping students find their inner musician. Explore your talents and book a music lesson today.

What to expect?

Individual one-on-one private lessons
Catered lessons based on student goals
Unique approaches for various learning styles
Simple & easy methods for performing music

I offer a variety of lessons…

Whatever your instrument you can expect instructions on:

Care & maintenance
Playing music
Reading & writing music
Music teacher with piano


New to music? I recommend piano lessons for beginners. The piano is the typewriter for musicians and the language of music is most easily explained on a piano. Start your musical path with private piano lessons today.

Music teacher with microphone


Private voice lessons are a fun way to get to know yourself and grow more confident. My voice lessons are catered to the individual so I can make vocal exercises to fit any type of music. Let’s find your voice together!

Music teacher with french horn


If you’re looking for private french horn lessons, you’re in the right place. I’ve taken private horn lessons and performed with the best horn players in the world. I’m always learning. Find out what I’ve learned so far!

Music teacher with trumpet


Learn trumpet with trumpet lessons catered to your interests. I have students in jazz, concert honor bands, and in the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra. Private trumpet lessons will give you an edge in auditions.

Music teacher with trombone


Slide your way into music by learning to play the trombone. It is unique in the brass family because of its slide and is used in jazz and concert bands. Private trombone lessons catered to your needs are here for you.

Music teacher with tuba


Do you want to learn to play the tuba? The lowest and largest of the brass instruments is a ton of fun to play. Private tuba lessons for the beginner or the advanced musician can help you conquer this beast of an instrument.

Music teacher with euphonium


The euphonium is an agile low brass instrument with a large range and a mellow tone. Want to learn to play the euphonium? Then private euphonium lessons will help you excel in your band. Lessons are crafted for you.

Music teacher with baritone


Private baritone lessons are a great way to explore the low brass and learn about music. If you want to excel in your band and learn to play the baritone, then baritone lessons will help you get ahead. It’s simple and easy!

Music teacher in studio

Ask me and I might...

I teach a variety of other instruments. Contact me to find out more.

How can I help ?

If you have questions about taking music lessons with me, please reach out. I am happy to help!

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