Learn to play the trombone.

At Leenhorn Studios we train storytellers of sound by helping students find their inner musician. Explore your talents and book a lesson today.

Leenhorn and student playing trombone

Exploring the trombone

The trombone is unique in the brass family because of its slide. This allows for some fun effects and techniques not available to the other brass instruments. Composers use the trombone’s dark powerful sound in many ways. From glorious marches to death’s entrance, or as an accompaniment to Darth Vader as he spreads the dark side across that galaxy far, far, away, the trombone has lots of personalities for the composer to explore.

Young girl playing trombone

So many possibilities

Brass quintet, jazz band, symphony orchestras, and even rock and roll bands all feature the trombone. With so many possibilities, learning to play the trombone is perfect for the musician who wants to play many different types of music. Let me show you how easy it can be.

Slide on in for a private trombone lesson today!

My pricing is simple.

Every 30 minutes is $25 and lessons can be flexible to best suit your needs. For example you may be interested in weekly recurring lessons (30 or 60 min each) or a one-time audition prep (60 min).

How can I help ?

If you have questions about taking music lessons with me, please reach out. I am happy to help!

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