Learn to play the baritone.

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Young female student with baritone

Becoming an instrumentalist

The baritone has a similar range as the trombone, but with a slightly more conical sound. Composers use it in the band, brass quintets, brass bands, marching bands, and as a solo instrument. I think it is the easiest of the brass instruments to play. The lips and facial muscles around them combine to form the embouchure. The embouchure and the vocal cords are connected, in that they receive signals from the same part of the brain, the part we use to communicate. This makes playing a brass instrument, like the baritone, very much like singing, or telling a story, at least from the brain’s point of view.

Young male student with baritone

Unlock your inner musician

During our lessons, I will teach you to sing through your baritone and give you a method to make your playing free and easy. Let me show you what I mean!

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Every 30 minutes is $25 and lessons can be flexible to best suit your needs. For example you may be interested in weekly recurring lessons (30 or 60 min each) or a one-time audition prep (60 min).

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