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Young boy playing tuba

Bringing the harmony

The tuba is the biggest and lowest sounding of the brass instruments and personally, I love living below the bass clef. Whether in a brass quintet, band, orchestra, or doing the “Second Line” for a jazz funeral down the streets of New Orleans, the tuba is vital in keeping the group together harmonically and rhythmically. Maybe you’ve seen a marching band during halftime of a football game, with all those sousaphones (marching tubas) wrapped around the heads of their players as they march across the football field.

Leenhorn and student tuba lesson

Tell your story

Composers use the tuba in many different ways. As the foundation on which to build the complete sound of the orchestra, or as a character, such as Bilbo in Mussorgsky’s “Pictures on an Exhibition”, and as a solo instrument. My Tuba lessons I will teach you to sing through your tuba and give you a method to make your playing free and easy. What story will you tell?

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Every 30 minutes is $25 and lessons can be flexible to best suit your needs. For example you may be interested in weekly recurring lessons (30 or 60 min each) or a one-time audition prep (60 min).

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