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At Leenhorn Studios we train storytellers of sound by helping students find their inner musician. Explore your talents and book a lesson today.

Leenhorn and student trumpet lesson

Bring flair to any group

The trumpet is, in many ways, the leader of the band. It often gets the melody, or the solo in the band or in orchestral playing and certainly can be heard in any group with a sharp, brilliant tone that carries out to the audience. Whether leading a patriotic march, as accompaniment for the superhero in a movie score, or leading the jazz band, the trumpet brings brilliance, excitement, and flair to any group.

Young boy holding trumpet

Unlock your inner musician

All sound comes from vibration and our lips vibrate to create the sound that is amplified through the trumpet. Our lips get signals from the same part of the brain as our vocal cords. The same part we use for communication, or storytelling. This makes playing the trumpet very much like singing or telling a story, at least from the brain’s point of view, and as much as I may sound like Yoda in trumpet lessons, I call this a scientific method for music performance. Let me show you how it works.  You’re in the right place!

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Every 30 minutes is $25 and lessons can be flexible to best suit your needs. For example you may be interested in weekly recurring lessons (30 or 60 min each) or a one-time audition prep (60 min).

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